Attacking IE7 with a exploit

Attacking IE7 with a exploit

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After a long night with lot of cola and cigarettes. I can finally say that the first part of the project is completely done. I am now attacking IE7 with a exploit

I got the attack websitr working with internet explorer 7 update 11 and after I figured that out, it was a breeze to continue from there.

My first script was a simple test to see how everything worked out. I wrote a very basic command in cmd under Windows xp to see if it worked as I expected. 

Shutdown -s -t 1000

what this command does it to shutdown the computer after a giving time interval. In this case its 1000 seconds. This worked perfectly 

Will split the posts into smaller posts to make it easier to digests 

Next post will be about my working script that infects a windows xp computer scans it and writes a txt file to the C: drive that contains almost everything worth knowing about a computer. It then sends this txt file as a email to me when its done.



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