Complete network with DMZ

Complete network with DMZ

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This is project monitoring and the aim is to set up a complete network with DMZ and optimal equipment .  In the process of setting everything up in a virtual environment. This time it includes  :

  • Openwrt (DMZ zone)
  • DMZ fileserver (DMZ zone)
  • Openwrt(server zone)
  • Logging server (server zone)

I will also need a administrator pc located at in a other zone, we call it admin zone

  • Admin PC/laptop (admin zone)

This is how the complete network looks like. We will focus on the network to and from the DMZ.

Full network mon

and this is a smaller network diagram showing exactly where we will have our focus.



We two routers are running openwrt.

To be continued

Martin Jørgensen

Martin Jørgensen

Got my degree from EAL in 2012 as an IT-Technologist with specialty in network. I enjoy living in a century where I can earn a living doing my hobby. Material I publish here are often part of my small projects.
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