How to install ath9k driver for Kali

How to install ath9k driver for Kali

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Time to troubleshoot, since our wireless adapter is using the  Atheros AR9271 chipset, we have to get Kali to recognize the adapter for what is it, this means to enable ath9k_htc, so in this post I will showing you How to install ath9k driver for Kali.

First up, we need to check if the USB is working and getting recognized by the OS, we do a dmesg first to see if there are any problems related to USB, we are piping it with grep, this way we can filter everything that is not related to USB devices.

dmesg grep usb

Executing this command will yeild something similar to this :

Dmesg message

Now we have something to work with. Our believe that the TL-WN722N uses the Atheros AR9271 is confirmed here, and the system has reconized it as a wireless device that supports up to 802.11n wireless connectivity.  To be completely sure that everything is working before proceeding, you can execute a lsusb command, this shows the same thing as a normal ls command, but focused on USB.


There we have it, Atheros communication, INC. AR9271 802.11n, exatctly as predicted. Now we can do to the ath9k_htc page and follow the instructions there to install the necessary drivers.

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    You didn’t say a shit

  • axaxaxa

    Hi, I am running Kali ARM image on Raspberry PI. I do not have internet connectivity on my PI and there is an old firmware for my atheros AR9271 chipset already in my Kali ARM image. However, when i plug in the USB wifi adaptor, my Pi/Kali is unable to detect it. What do I do?

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