How to install Hearthstone using PlayOnLinux

How to install Hearthstone using PlayOnLinux

How to install Hearthstone using PlayOnLinux

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I have always enjoyed Blizzards games, and Hearthstone is no exception. My problem is that I am one of those people who also like to use Linux. This means that in order to paly Windows only games, we had to either dual boot or use wine.

Since I have no wish to dual boot, I only play games that can be made to work reasonable well in Linux. So today, we will be looking at how to install Hearthstone using PlayOnLinux and wine.


First up download Hearthstone setup.exe file from Blizzards website. (EU version)

Now open PlayOnLinux and choose “install a non-listed program”. Click through all of the dialog and choose the setup.exe. Now enable all the options as shown in the picture below.


We use wine version 1.7.15 for this since there is a error with newer version of wine that creates a timeout, stopping Hearthstone from working.




Now the Wine config window will open up. Navigate to Libraries and configure it as shown in the picture below


The overrides are as following:

  • dbghelp disabled
  • msvcp100(native, builtin)
  • wininet(native, builtin)

Now the setup will ask you to open the setup.exe file that you downloaded earlier. This will open up the normal installer. Press next and let it install, after this all that is left is to wait for the client to download Hearthstone.



My Hearthstone/PlayOnLinux keeps crashing in the very beginning, but the client is working just fine anyway, so I have not looked into why it crashes in the beginning






Hope you enjoyed following this guide, and stay tuned for more of this in the future!



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