How to install Heroes of the Storm in Linux

How to install Heroes of the Storm in Linux

How to install Heroes of the Storm in Linux

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I am one of the lucky humans to receive my alpha key for Heroes of the Storm. I got the invite on the 29th of October, but did not notice it until recently.

Had to try to make this work on Linux (Manjaro Linux), not willing to use Windows in order just to try out a game. Keep reading in order to see how to install Heroes of the Storm in Linux.


If you are experiencing any problems with the client, please check out my previous blog post about Hearthstone.

Start by downloading the client. While this happens, we are going to setup the wine-prefix using PlayOnLinux. This will make everything much easier. Open up PlayOnLinux and select “manual installation”


Wine 1.7.15 seems to be the best performing Wine version at the moment, as far as I have noticed. Have not been tickering much with performance yet, but my game is running with crashing.


After this, we continue with selecting which overrides we need to start the client. Using these overrides will make the client and Heroes of the Storm work without any issues.


Please override the following libraries:

  • dbghelp disabled
  • msvcp100(native, builtin)
  • wininet(native, builtin)



Now open the client and start the update process.


I experienced a problem where the install window would keep appearing behind the launcher window. Effectively preventing me from doing the installation. In order to fix this open up the “configure wine” process and click on “Desktop Integration” panel.


This will enable you to run the installation without any issues. Remember to disable it again when the installation is done, there is no need for this option anymore.


Heroes of the Storm Linux

and here we are. Hope to see you ingame!

Martin Jørgensen

Martin Jørgensen

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  • Kitsu Shadow

    Thanks for the setup help. After I attempt to launch Heroes of the Storm it crashes. The BattleNet Launcher stays open though. Wine 1.7.1 with the same settings you suggested here.

    • The way wine is behaving sometimes is beyond me 😛
      Did you get the game running ? If so, how’s the performance ?

      • Kitsu Shadow

        Got it working. Performance is ok. I crash about every 4 games. Also SSL error when I use the shop.

  • Dave

    I keep getting a fatal error, I have followed your instructions to the letter here. got the game installed and everything but as soon as I run it it crashes out and wont let me run the game

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