Installing ath9k for Kali part 2

Installing ath9k for Kali part 2

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this is the installing ath9k for Kali part 2 . The other post got a bit long, so we continue here where we left of. Since the TL-WN722N is not getting recognized we need to download the firmware/drivers for the system. I found a Debian source for them, which should work just fine. (Kali is almost Debian under the hood).

Using this command :

echo “deb squeeze-backports main” >> /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update

This adds a new source to the Kali source list, and after this automatically refreshes the source list. this makes us able to download the firmware using apt-get with this command :

aptitude install firmware-atheros

sources aptget update


Just to test if it is working after a reboot, we issue the command airmon-ng to see if it sees any available network cards before we reboot.

aircrackng no wireless


There is no interface available. Now we reboot the system and hope that everything works as it should.

This did not work either, we fast forward in time a bit here, I’ve been trying all sorts of strange things trying to get this working, almost started compiling my own kernel. Instead I ended up thinking that it might be a power supply problem. According to raspberry pi version b schematics  and this post on stackexchange, you shouldn’t draw more than a 100 mA from a USB port on the Raspberry. So I might have to get a powered USB hub anyway. I really wanted to avoid that, but either how, there is still more research needed before I can continue.


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