Installing word 2010 on Manjaro linux

Installing word 2010 on Manjaro linux

Installing word 2010 on Manjaro linux

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Once in a while you have no choice other than to use those pesky Microsoft products in order to do a good job. I normally enjoy using Linux and open source products, but sometimes they fall short.Not because of bad code or poor implementation, but because of stupid proprietary standards such as docx and other formats that is only correctly supported by Microsoft Word.

Normally I would get by this by using LibreOffice, but when the document becomes complicated enough, LibreOffice gives up and all I am getting is a very messy document that is basically unreadable. The world is filled with companies and people using these proprietary standards, this can kinda force us other people to use the software that best supports both reading and writing of such files, this can be a problem if peope really likes to use Linux.

This is why I decided that my clean and beautiful Manjaro Linux system had to get Microsoft Word so that I could work without any problems. Read more to see the tutorial. So without any more delays here is Installing word 2010 on Manjaro linux !

First up we need to get wine and PlayOnLinux installed, these programs works very close together and helps alot in the wine version management part.  You could say that this is a frontend to wine and will take care of almost everything regarding the configuration of Wine


Now that PlayOnLinux is installed, you can open it either with a menu, or press alt + f2 and write PlayOnLinux and it should start. Now you should see a screen like this


I have my office as a ISO since my CD broke ages ago. Now you choose install and find the Office 2010 installer


Now follow the script and press next all the time.  When asked about wine versions, I choose to use Wine version 1.5.16. Now that all of this is done here are the next steps in order to complete the installation.

  1. install wine-mono, wine_gecko (these two should install automatically)
  2. lib32-libxml2 and msxml6.

installing msxml6

After installing this, remember to open wine config and set msxml6 to native.


When is this is configured, then you are almost done. I live in Denmark, and really wanted proof reading in Word for Danish.  This is accomplished. Here is a link for the official danish proof reading for word 2010 & alternative link: (This might work better for some people)

Here are some tips if you encounter any problems with the installation.

  • If wine keeps crashing, there are some different ideas you can try in order to complete the installation.
  • If you cant start the exe file, try to check if you are trying to run it from a partition using NTFS, PlayOnLinux dont like that filesystem, so try using a harddisk with a partition of fat32 or ext3-4.
  • You may experienced PowerPoint not working. All you need to do is to type:  winecfg in the terminal, then go to Libraries tab, choose riched 20, add and edit it to “Native, then Builtin”, then press OK.
  • If you cant install the proof reading, the setup fail if you are using windows xp, but word itself requires you to use xp emulation in wine. Chance between these options when installing word, then switch to windows 7 when installing the proof reading tool, then back again to use word.

This is it for this guide, I hope some found the information use full. If you got any questions, please write a comment and i’ll try to get back to you.

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