Merging Android into my project

Merging Android into my project

Merging Android into my project

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Been working on the SMTP script for the Raspberry, but I’ve decided to change direction regarding some specifics of my project. Originally I wanted my Raspberry to crack a wireless network completely on its own.

This is accomplished, but with VERY varying results. The problem arises when there are many networks in range of my device, the Raspberry cant “know” beforehand which network it’s supposed to be targeting. So I made some rules for it to follow.  An example of such a rule could be:

  • Target best connection (over 60dB fx)

The problem is that I should be able to manage these types of settings on the fly, as I will never know what type of network infrastructure is present at the location I’m testing. 

There are a lot of commands I can use to be specific to the location, but these are also at the same time location specific in the sense that if I type:

“./ -e “AsusAP” -wept 0”

The raspberry will only try to crack that specific access point, that doesn’t work if I don’t have an easy way to telling the raspberry what it should be targeting.

To combat this issue, I wanted to setup a system where it wouldn’t be completely automatic, but rather receive instructions as it needed them. It’s all about time and as the process of using a computer to connect to the Raspberry seems to remove the premise I had for the project completely.

So, now I’m merging android into my project. I imagine an Android app that can send information such as ID of the access point in question to the Raspberry through Bluetooth.

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