Network boot is pretty simple

Network boot is pretty simple

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Making a computer do a network boot is pretty simple (depending on the BIOS) but it usually goes like this :

Starting computer –> BOIS (preconfigured to start on network) –> NIC PXE stack + DHCP –> fog server –> loads image into memory –> complete boot process.

These steps is made with the assumption that we have a working linux machine already installed in a virtual environment and also requires a extra computer/VM to test if the PXE booting is working.

if there is anything that is not understood completely this guide also have lots of information :   Fog wiki

First we need to have a specific IP address to make sure that we can get the server to talk with the client computers.  Depending on the distro used the IP settings can be found in


and DNS settings in : (you dont need them in this case)


Once you have a static IP, its time to fire up the fog installer.

you will be pressented with the following screen :

Since I did my install on Linux mint 13 I choose “ubuntu” since its based on that distro. –>

Fog comes with a web based config so it will also install a XAMPP with php + sql.

Then the DHCP server needs to be setup. In this case I made the config with virtualbox. The Mint have 2 NIC’s 1 for outside internet (not needed) and 1 for the internal network

Finally, this was the end of this part of the tutorial, will continue to play with this some more to see if I can find a good solution to my memory problem.

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Martin Jørgensen

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