networking Kali on the Raspberry

networking Kali on the Raspberry

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Now that we have everything install and booting correctly, we need to test the networking Kali on the Raspberry. I showed last time on “Installing Kali Linux on Raspberry” how to connect to the Raspberry. We do this again so we can modify the system to our liking.

Username: root & Password: toor

Inside pi with SSH

Same welcome screen, this time we will check if the Raspberry is connected to any network. Typing ifconfig shows all the enabled network devices.

ifconfig no wireless

Here we can see that we have a IP address on the Ethernet (eth0) port, but there is no wireless (wlan0) port anywhere, so we must do some more to make this device available to the system.

Now we need to check if there is internet connectivity on the raspberry, there many ways of doing this, but the simplest is to check if we can ping anything outside the network.

pinging google

And behold, it worked flawlessly, we sent 4 packages to Google, and got 4 packages back. this took 3.00500 seconds. This means that eth0 is working properly. Now we can start figuring out why the other adapter (wlan0) isn’t working.

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